Today’s organisations demand that their services perform better, cost less, are more reliable and offer greater flexibility than ever before. With high quality and quickly evolving consumer technologies, the expectation of IT services in the workplace is that they now reflect the same calibre of tools available to people outside of the office.

With common perceptions that business IT capabilities are too far behind, many departments look to acquire and provision cloud services themselves, without involving the IT organisation. These siloed initiatives complicate and create conflict with the responsibilities of IT such as governance, security, onboarding and offboarding, usage monitoring, corporate reporting, vendor management and purchasing and budgeting, just to name a few.

The result of this scenario is often inter-organisational struggles as teams demand to move faster while IT departments attempt to retain control to help manage operational risk. An important part of solving this problem to ensure these two parts of the business work together, is the creation of an effective cloud strategy that communicates supporting cloud policies.

Kloud consultants are assisting CIO’s and their teams to formulate the cloud computing component of their IT strategy with the engagement process outlined in the supporting brochure. Over the course of a few days to a few weeks, Kloud works closely with organisations to develop a roadmap that meets both business and staff motives.

The objective of our Cloud Ready Workshops are to ensure organisations are set on the right path with a clear understanding of how to manage technology costs more efficiently, deploy technologies faster, allowing management to focus on delivering maximum business value.


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