Businesses of all sizes and industries are considering adopting Microsoft Office 365. Some customers have a clear vision of the desired capabilities. Others have weighed up the options and identified that there are savings to be leveraged. Others still have heard the hype, but don’t know where to start.

Office 365, like any technology, offers a variety of solutions and risks to any business. Kloud has extensive skills and experience in Microsoft Office 365 and have assisted many commercial and public sector enterprise customers successfully navigate the journey onto Office 365.

The first step is to understand the business strategy, and then the current state environment difficulties faced and usage patterns. This provides a baseline on which the Office 365 opportunities can be measured against.

Next, the broader set of Office 365 capabilities are explored, to discover any unidentified transformational use cases that will help deliver on the business strategy or benefit the business. Analysis of comparable organisations within and across industries will also provide some insight on potential opportunity areas. Key Office 365 capabilities explored are:

  • Consistent and Integrated Platform
  • Effective Collaboration and Enterprise Social
  • Unified Communications
  • Mobility
  • Service Scalability, Backup and High Availability.

Business challenges and other considerations then need to be expanded, to determine where components of Office 365 may not be suitable or require special consideration to fit the business. Key challenges and considerations covered are:

  • Security and Compliance
  • Performance
  • Other technology dependencies.

An Office 365 platform analysis can be performed in conjunction with the business, to ascertain the tangible benefits and costs of adoption. This Cost/Benefit analysis provides the business the ability to make an informed decision, and ultimately empower the business to schedule adoption.

Kloud consultants are working with CIOs and their teams to build the business case for change. Over the course of a few days to a few weeks, Kloud works closely with organisations to provide clarity on their requirements and a realistic expectation of what Office 365 can deliver to meet the business’s unique operating environment and strategy.

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