Ok Google Email me the status of all vms – Part 2

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In my last blog, we configured the backend systems necessary for accomplishing the task of asking Google Home “OK Google Email me the status of all vms” and it sending us an email to that effect. If you haven’t finished doing that, please refer back to my last blog and get that done before continuing.
In this blog, we will configure Google Home.
Google Home uses Google Assistant to do all the smarts.… [Keep reading] “Ok Google Email me the status of all vms – Part 2”

Ok Google Email me the status of all vms – Part 1

First published at https://nivleshc.wordpress.com
Technology is evolving at a breathtaking pace. For instance, the phone in your pocket has more grunt than the desktop computers of 10 years ago!
One of the upcoming areas in Computing Science is Artificial Intelligence. What seemed science fiction in the days of Isaac Asimov, when he penned I, Robot seems closer to reality now.
Lately the market is popping up with virtual assistants from the likes of Apple, Amazon and Google.… [Keep reading] “Ok Google Email me the status of all vms – Part 1”

Tools for Testing Webhooks

In a microservices environment, APIs are the main communication methods between services. Most of time each API merely sends a request and wait for its response. But there are definitely cases that need longer period to complete the requests. Even some cases stop processing at some stage until they get a signal to continue. Those are not uncommon in the API world. However, implementing those features might be a little bit tricky because most APIs use HTTP protocol, which are basically web-based applications that have timeout constraints.… [Keep reading] “Tools for Testing Webhooks”

Notes for Logic Apps around Webhook Actions

Azure Logic Apps (Logic Apps) is one of serverless services that Azure is offering. Of course the other one in Azure is Azure Functions (Functions). Logic Apps consists of many connectors and triggers to interconnect services outside Azure. A webhook connector is one of them which has unique characteristics to the others. In this post, we are briefly looking at some tips we should know when we use webhook actions in a Logic Apps workflow.… [Keep reading] “Notes for Logic Apps around Webhook Actions”

WebHook your WebJob – With Visual Studio Team Services integration example

WebHooks, also known as ‘HTTP(S) call backs’ are becoming very popular for reporting asynchronous events to trigger business workflows. The latest release of Microsoft Azure WebJobs can now be triggered using WebHooks. In this post I will cover the configuration of a WebJob to use a WebHook as a trigger using a sample scenario of integrating a WebJob with Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) to explain the workflow.

Support for WebHooks is packaged as an extension to WebJobs and is currently in a pre-release state.… [Keep reading] “WebHook your WebJob – With Visual Studio Team Services integration example”