Azure WebJobs with .NET Core RC2

With .NET Core RC2, publishing Azure WebJob is a little bit different from the traditional(?) way, even it’s different from what RC1 does. In this post, we’ll walk through how to publish Azure WebJob using a .NET Core RC2 console application.

Sample code can be found at

Sample Hello World Console Application

OK. First thing’s first. Let’s create a console app using .NET Core RC2. Take the latest copy from the repository above and build it on your local machine.… [Keep reading] “Azure WebJobs with .NET Core RC2”

Implement a SharePoint Timer job using Azure WebJob

The SharePoint Timer service runs in background to do long running tasks. The Timer service does some important SharePoint clean up tasks in the background but can also be used to provide useful functional tasks. For instance, there may be  a situation when you want to send newsletters to your users on regular basis or want to keep your customer up to date with  some regular timed information.

I will be using SharePoint Timer Service to send an email to newly registered customers/users for this demo.… [Keep reading] “Implement a SharePoint Timer job using Azure WebJob”