Modern Authentication and MAPI-HTTP

If you haven’t heard, Modern Authentication (aka ADAL), has now officially gone GA ( – which means that if you are utilising Office 365 services, particularly Exchange Online, and Office 2013/2016 as your client, you should really be looking at enabling this functionality for your end users.

For those unfamiliar with Modern Auth, there are numerous benefits, but one of the most obvious for end users is it removes the need for the use of ‘save my credentials’ when signing into Exchange Online and provides a true SSO experience when combined with ADFS Federation.… [Keep reading] “Modern Authentication and MAPI-HTTP”

Modern Authentication updates for Office 2013 (MSI-based)

Earlier this year, Office 2013 Modern Authentication using the Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) moved to public preview. The steps to take part in the preview and to prepare the Office 2013 software are well documented, particularly by one of my fellow Kloudies (see Lucian’s blog here).

However, you may find that despite creating the registry keys and installing the required updates, Modern Authentication is still not working – something I recently encountered with MSI-based installations of Office 2013 SP1 in a Windows 7 SOE.… [Keep reading] “Modern Authentication updates for Office 2013 (MSI-based)”

Deploying Office Pro Plus without admin rights

There are many ways to install Office Pro Plus to your client base. You can let the user install it from the web, push it out via SCCM or Intune or simply provide the user with an installation package. However, every now and then you come across some special requirements where security is tight and some options are not available for various reasons. In this post I show you how to deploy Office Pro Plus to client machines where users do not have administrative access.… [Keep reading] “Deploying Office Pro Plus without admin rights”

Unable to Activate Office 365 ProPlus

I recently came across an issue with Office ProPlus on Windows 8.1 when working on a Click to Run deployment where it wasn’t possible to activate the Office product with the Office 365 service. Instead of being prompted for credentials, a dialog window opened stating “This feature has been disabled by your administrator.”

All well and good, apart from the fact that there were no policies in place to actually enforce this and as a result Office will operate with reduced functionality until it can be activated.… [Keep reading] “Unable to Activate Office 365 ProPlus”