FIM 2010 R2 and the Missing Log File

Anyone who has had anything to do with FIM will probably have experienced moments where you question what is taking place and ask yourself if you really understand what FIM is doing at a specific point in time. This is partly due to FIM’s extraordinarily unpredictable error handling and logging.

While working on a long running FIM 2010 R2 project where we chose to make heavy use of PowerShell within action and authorisation workflows. We chose to make use of some of the PowerShell extensions for FIM 2010 R2 at Codplex.… [Keep reading] “FIM 2010 R2 and the Missing Log File”

Start-up like a pro or fast track cloud in your enterprise. . .

As part of my job I regularly interact with IT and business leaders from companies, across a diverse range of industries. A similarity I see across most businesses is that they contain a bunch of knowledge workers that all need to interact both internally and externally with common parties (internal departments / branches, customers, suppliers, vendors and government / regulatory bodies).

So how do knowledge workers in today’s highly connected world collaborate and communicate? Aside from telephone and face to face communication, email is still the primary tool of communication, why?… [Keep reading] “Start-up like a pro or fast track cloud in your enterprise. . .”

IPv6 – Are we there yet??

The topic of IPv6 seems to come up every couple of years. The first time I recall there being a lot of hype about IPv6 was way back in the early 2000’s, ever since then the topic seems to get attention every once in a while and then disappears into insignificance alongside more exciting IT news.

The problem with IPv4 is that there are only about 3.7 billion public IPv4 addresses. Whilst this may initially sound like a lot, take a moment to think about how many devices you currently have that connect to the Internet.… [Keep reading] “IPv6 – Are we there yet??”

Azure Mobile Services and the Internet of Things

The IT industry is full of buzzwords and “The Internet of Things” (IoT) is one that’s getting thrown about a lot lately. The IoT promises to connect billions of devices and sensors to the internet. How this data is stored, sorted, analysed and surfaced will determine the amount of value it is to your business. With this in mind I thought it’s time to start playing around with some bits and pieces to see if I could create my very own IoT connected array of sensors.… [Keep reading] “Azure Mobile Services and the Internet of Things”

Microsoft Azure Multi-Site VPN

Recently I had the opportunity to assist an organisation which has physical offices located in Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney replacing their expensive MPLS network with a Multi-site VPN to Azure.

This worked well for the customer as they no longer have any server infrastructure on premises. Each branch office requires access to the virtual infrastructure hosted within their Azure VNET.

The solution provides each office connectivity to the VMs and other services hosted within Azure, as well as a means of inter-site connectivity to PC’s and other services located within the branch offices on the rare occasion where this may still be required.… [Keep reading] “Microsoft Azure Multi-Site VPN”

Cloud Storage AWS and Azure

Kloud Cloud

Working with new technologies, rapid rates of change, the excitement of the unknown are good reasons to work in IT. The constant change keeps things fresh and interesting.

The thing that gets me excited though, is the business innovation that occurs with the application of the right mix of technology to otherwise everyday business problems. At Kloud we get to do this all the time!!

I’d like to share with you some simple use cases for cloud services that we have recently been a part of that makes IT Managers and Systems Administrators look like stars.… [Keep reading] “Cloud Storage AWS and Azure”