A Rudimentary RACF Management Agent for Microsoft Identity Manager

A RACF Management Agent for Microsoft Identity Manager ? Isn’t there one in the box? No. Host Integration Management Agents were deprecated when Microsoft released Forefront Identity Manager as the successor to Identity Lifecycle Manager (ILM). I understand it was partly due to lack of demand for the integration, and the reliance on Host Integration Server (HIS) along with the move in operating system support 32-bit (in ILM) to 64-bit (in FIM). With ILM integration with Host Systems via HIS you were required to map out the key sequences anyway.… [Keep reading] “A Rudimentary RACF Management Agent for Microsoft Identity Manager”

Automating RACF Administration with PowerShell

Automating RACF Administration with PowerShell? Yes, I’m writing this post from the past as it is 2019 and certain technologies are not in my job description anymore like Faxing Solutions and Mainframe Administration. I guess its been one of those months. Recently I needed to automate some RACF Administration tasks. Naturally I wanted to perform this with my favourite scripting tool, PowerShell.

After much searching, I couldn’t find any references to anyone doing such a thing.… [Keep reading] “Automating RACF Administration with PowerShell”

Microsoft Identity Manager PowerShell Management Agent for Oracle Internet Directory

Why a FIM/MIM PowerShell Management Agent for Oracle Internet Directory? Why not just use the Generic LDAP Connector for Microsoft Identity Manager? I needed an integration solution that was able to update an Oracle Database behind Oracle Internet Directory. That meant I required a solution that was able to use LDAP to get visibility as to who/what was in OID, but then make updates into an Oracle DB. That functionality I wanted to be contained on a single Management Agent, not an MA for the Database and another for LDAP.… [Keep reading] “Microsoft Identity Manager PowerShell Management Agent for Oracle Internet Directory”

Querying Oracle Internet Directory (LDAP) with PowerShell

If you are an IT Professional it is highly likely you are very familiar with Microsoft Active Directory and in turn PowerShell and LDAP. At some point though you may need to integrate with another LDAP directory such as Oracle Internet Directory and you find it isn’t as straight forward as Active Directory and the rich tooling it comes with. I’ve had to create interfaces with numerous LDAP directories over the years but its been quite a long time since I had to integrate with Oracle Internet Directory.… [Keep reading] “Querying Oracle Internet Directory (LDAP) with PowerShell”

SailPoint IdentityNow to ServiceNow Ticketing Integration

SailPoint IdentityNow comes with many connectors to allow provisioning and lifecycle management of entities in connected systems. However there will always be those systems that require some manual tasks/input. In those instances SailPoint IdentityNow to ServiceNow Ticketing Integration can create a ticket in ServiceNow that can then be tracked whilst those manual steps are fulfilled.

Integration of IdentityNow with ServiceNow doesn’t use a connector in the same sense as the other Sources do in IdentityNow. It uses an Integration Module.… [Keep reading] “SailPoint IdentityNow to ServiceNow Ticketing Integration”

Using PowerShell to query Oracle DB’s without using the Oracle Client – Oracle Data Provider for .NET

With every Identity and Access Management project comes the often tactical integration with heritage/legacy systems that can often assist with their decommissioning. That is exactly what I was having to do a couple of weeks ago with Oracle. My public frustration with installing the Oracle Client on a Windows Server 2016 host to allow me to integrate Microsoft Identity Manager with Oracle saw me rewarded with an unsolicited but fantastic response from Sylvan Laurence. The suggestion was to use the Oracle Data Provider for .NET The key benefit here is NO Oracle Client Install Required, and I can leverage the library with PowerShell.… [Keep reading] “Using PowerShell to query Oracle DB’s without using the Oracle Client – Oracle Data Provider for .NET”

Get/Update SailPoint IdentityNow Global Reminders and Escalation Policies

SailPoint IdentityNow Access Requests for Roles or Applications usually require approvals which are configured on the associated Role or Application. The Approval could be by the Role/Application Owner, a Governance Group or the Requestor’s Manager. However for reminders and escalation policies the configuration is only available to be retrieved and set via the API. The SailPoint Identity Now api/v2/org API is used to configure these Global Reminders and Escalation Policies.

This post details how to get the configuration of your IdentityNow Org along with updating the the Global Reminders and Escalation Policies.… [Keep reading] “Get/Update SailPoint IdentityNow Global Reminders and Escalation Policies”

Goodbye GoDaddy WebHosting, Hello Azure Static Website

Way back in the 2000’s I got pulled into the commercial side of the Craft Beer Industry. I’d spent the previous 10+ years perfecting some eclectic beer styles and my professional brewing mates figured it was time to unleash them on the unsuspecting public. With any enterprising venture (but especially beer) you need a website to get the message out. I had a brand new 27″ iMac so I hacked together a simple one page website using the now defunct Apple iWeb.… [Keep reading] “Goodbye GoDaddy WebHosting, Hello Azure Static Website”

Azure AD Log Analytics KQL queries via API with PowerShell

Log Analytics is a fantastic tool in the Azure Portal that provides the ability to query Azure Monitor events. It provides the ability to quickly create queries using KQL (Kusto Query Language). Once you’ve created the query however you may want to run that query through automation negating the need to use the Azure Portal every time you want to get the associated report data.

In this post I detail;

  • creating a Log Analytic Workspace
  • enabling API Access
  • querying Log Analytics using the REST API with PowerShell
  • outputting data to CSV

Create a Workspace

We want to create a Workspace for our logs and queries.… [Keep reading] “Azure AD Log Analytics KQL queries via API with PowerShell”

Windows Terminal with Tabs, on Steroids

At Microsoft Build last week, one of the many announcements was a new Windows Terminal.

If you spend anytime as an IT Support Person/ DevOps type role and you checkout that second link above you’ll be mightily keen for this new Terminal.

Tabs in a Terminal Window YES (heck I remember paying for a product to provide that to me in a browser) 15+ years ago; a Terminal Window that is a standard command prompt (with Unicode Support) YES; a Terminal Window for cross platform, CMD, PowerShell, PowerShell Core, Windows Subsystem for Linux DAMN YES. … [Keep reading] “Windows Terminal with Tabs, on Steroids”