I’ve just published v1 of my SailPoint IdentityNow PowerShell Module.

NOTE: This is not an official SailPoint IdentityNow PowerShell Module.


  • Easy command-line use, after setting default configuration options and securely saving them to the current user’s profile.
  • Get an IdentityNow Organisation and Get / Update an Organisation Configuration
  • Search IdentityNow Users
  • Search IdentityNow Users Profiles
  • Search IdentityNow Entitlements
  • Create / Get / Update / Remove IdentityNow Access Profiles
  • Create / Get / Start IdentityNow Certification Campaigns
  • Get IdentityNow Certification Campaign Reports (output to file or return as PSObject)
  • Create / Get / Update / Remove IdentityNow Governance Groups
  • Create / Get / Update / Remove IdentityNow Roles
  • Get / IdentityNow Sources
  • Get Accounts from an IdentityNow Source
  • Create / Update / Remove IdentityNow Source Account (Flat File / Delimited Sources)
  • Get / Complete IdentityNow Tasks
  • Get IdentityNow Virtual Appliance Clusters (and clients (VA’s))
  • Get / Update IdentityNow Applications
  • …. and if they don’t fit use Invoke-IdentityNowRequest to make any other API call (examples for Get Source Schema, Get IdentityNow Identity Profiles, Get IdentityNow Identity Attributes)

For all the installation, configuration and usage examples see the full post here.

See a compilation of Darren’s posts on IdentityNow here.

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