This is the third and final post in my series around using your voice to query/search Microsoft Identity Manager or as I’m now calling it, the Voice Assistant for Microsoft Identity Manager.
The two previous posts in this series detail some of my steps and processes in developing and fleshing out this concept. The first post detailed the majority of the base functionality whilst the second post detailed the auditing and reporting aspects into Table Storage and Power BI.
My final architecture is depicted below.
Identity Manager integration with Cognitive Services and IoT Hub 4x3
I’ve put together more of an overview in a presentation format using GitPitch you can checkout here.
The why and how of the Voice Assistant for Microsoft Identity Manager
If you’re interested in building the solution checkout the Github Repo here which includes the Respeaker Python Script, Azure Function etc.
Let me know how you go @darrenjrobinson

FIM, Identity and Access Management, Power BI
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