As I detailed in my previous blog here, sometimes there is a need to perform a full synchronization of just a select set of objects in the MIM/FIM Synchronization Service. In my case, it was to all the Synchronization Rules which helped resolve my issue which required a selected Full Synchronization performed. For this customer’s FIM environment, I manually performed the Preview/Full Synchronization on 51 objects as I just needed it done. My colleague Darren Robinson suggested I look at scripting it using the ‘Lithnet PowerShell Module for FIM/MIM Synchronization Service’ located here. Up until this point, I hadn’t used this module in anger and I dearly wished I did as it would have saved plenty of time!
Ryan Newington has done a tremendous job with his modules released to the community to make our lives easier. He even enhanced the tool recently to make this particular task easier (note: make sure you grab the latest version, at least version v1.0.6351, as the script below will not work if you have an older version). The script I now regularly use on my customer’s large FIM environment after making changes to Synchronization Rules, where I mentioned in my previous blog we struggle for the opportunity to perform a Full Synchronization of the entire sync engine rule base, serves my purpose for Synchronization Rules, but you can easily modify the search criteria to perform a Full Synchronization of the objects you require. Here is the script and leave a comment if it has helped you.

FIM, Identity and Access Management
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  1. I’m also in debt to Ryan, David, for a similar reason. Basically anything you can do in the console you can now script … priceless!

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