Thanks to the good folks at Neverware, you can now run Google’s cloud centric OS on a wider range of hardware than just Chromebooks alone. To enable this, what Neverware have done is repackage Google’s Chromium operating system.  This OS is at the core of it’s range of branded laptops, and is now made available to all.

CloudReady running on different hardware.

CloudReady running on different hardware.

The differences
Where Google build and maintain open source versions of Android and Chromium, their real value proposition is to add proprietary features onto both before selling them on branded devices. Enter CloudReady, based entirely on the open source core of Chromium making it a vanilla experience. Given it’s nature, not all features of are available in the first release, an example of this is Powerwash and the Trusted Platform Module. A full list of differences is available from Neverware of course.
Software updates
Updates to CloudReady are delivered in a similarly transparent manner to the OS as with Chromium, however these updates are available by Neverware, and not Google. CloudReady is also several major releases behind Chromium, for reasons owing to development. it it worth noting that Neverware have somewhat boldly committed to “indefinite” support for the OS.
Neverware are focused on generating revenue through selling devices, and OS licenses, as well as support to education and the enterpise at a later date. The caveat, however is there is currently no official support for the free version, you will have to look to  community support through their user forum.CloudReady recovery media creator.
CloudReady recovery media creator.
CloudReady is available for download from Neverware. Installing it is just matter of creating a USB based installer from, which to boot and launch the process. This procedure is supported on a Chrome OS, Windows or Mac devices. Now that you havecreated the source media, you will then need to reboot the target system, and have it boot from the relevant USB port by applying the required BIOS settings. Alternatively CloudReady can also be dual booted alongside other operating systems. Detailed installation instructions are available from their web site.

CloudReady installer.

Neverware have made available a number of useful hardware support lists including.

Chromium OS is an open-source project that aims to build an operating system that provides a fast, simple, and more secure computing experience for people who spend most of their time on the web. Here you can review the project’s design docs, obtain the source code, and contribute. –
Neverware is a venture-backed technology company that provides a service to make old PCs run like new. In February 2015 the company launched its second product, CloudReady; an operating system built on Google’s open source operating system Chromium.
CloudReady can be installed on older PCs in order to make them perform like a Chromebook. CloudReady machines can even be managed under the Google Admin console, which is a true line of demarcation from just installing Chrome. It was founded by CEO Jonathan Hefter and currently specializes in the education sector. It is headquartered in the Flatiron District of Manhattan. – Wikipedia

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