One of the ​features of Office 365 which gets very little attention is Exchange Online Protection (EOP). EOP is a Microsoft cloud service which protects Exchange Online in Office 365 from spam and viruses. EOP is a built-in capability of Office 365. There is no additional license required to use it.

Emails which EOP detects as spam are trapped in a quarantine area. Users were notified that email was quarantined by an automatically generated email message from EOP. The user could then decide if the email was truly spam or a false positive. If the user felt that the email was not spam, there was an option to release the email from quarantine. Released emails are immediately delivered to the user’s inbox.

Microsoft has released a new feature for Office 365 called the spam quarantine page. This new page allows end users to view their emails which are currently in quarantine via a web-based in interface using an Office 365 OrgID. Users can choose to release an email from quarantine and have id delivered to their inbox fromthe spam quarantine page. The console can be accessed via the following URL:

There is an advanced search option in the spam quarantine page. This allows users to search for a speific email trapped in quarantine. The user can search using the following criteria:

1) Message ID

2) Sender Email Address

3) Recipient Email Address

4) Subject

5) Received

6) Expires

7) Type

If you are looking for guidance on how to migrate to and configure EOP to protect your Office 365 tenant, please contact Kloud Solutions at the following URL:

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