​Cloud Computing is a revolutionizing the way IT is delivered.  Today, business of all sizes rely on IT to operate effectively.  IT is mission critical.  Unfortunately, very few enterprises can afford the operational costs required to deliver a highly available IT environment.

The Cloud is changing the economics of delivering IT.  Now, businesses of all sizes can subscribe to a highly reliable, elastic, cloud service for a fraction of the cost of running the infrastructure on premises.  The Cloud has transformed many complex IT services into commodity offerings with low monthly fees.  Using IT as a competitive advantage can allow an enterprise to become more agile and differentiate itself verses other competitors with bigger budgets.

To help illustrate the magnitude of this change, think back 100 years to the Industrial Revolution.  If you wanted to build a factory in the early 1900’s, the first thing you had to do was build a power plant.  Because your factory could not succeed without access to cheap, reliable electric power.  If you wanted to build a factory in the year 2013, you would be considered crazy to try to build a power plant to serve only your factory.  Why?  Because building one power plant for each factory is massively inefficient.  It means that every factory has to take on the high fixed costs of building and maintaining a power plant.  A more efficient way to deliver power to a large number of factories is to build one massive power plant in each local area.  This approach spreads the fixed costs across hundreds of factories which lowers the total cost of delivering power for everyone.  Each factory pays for power as a monthly utility cost.

The same type of transformation is occurring in IT.  The Cloud is transforming IT into a utility business.  It no longer makes sense for companies to build their own individual infrastructure to deliver the majority of IT services.  A more cost effective model is to pay for compute and storage as a utility cost.  This model will make IT more reliable and more affordable for consumers and companies of all sizes.  This is not a statement about the future of technology.  It is an observation about the reality that exists in the market today.

Kloud Solutions believes that the Cloud will fundamentally transform the IT industry.  We exist to help enterprises migrate mission critical IT services to the Cloud such as email, websites, voice, mobile applications, identity, security, integration, and management.  If you would like to discuss how Kloud Solutions can help your business, please contact us using the following URL:



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