​I receive a lot of questions on the benefits of upgrading to new versions of Office.  Many people feel that they only use very basic features of Office.  Therefore, there is no real benefit of upgrading because they will not use any of the new features.  It is true that there are some advanced new features in Office 2013 that may not be of interest to the average user, there are some great new capabilities from which EVERY user can benefit.

Office Click-to-Run v2.0 (C2R) is a new feature of Office 2013 that every user will appreciate.  First, C2R allows you to run up to 5 copies of Office on 5 devices including both PCs and Macs.  This means that you can encourage your users to work on the device and location of their choice.  You can license Office on a work computer, a tablet, and a home computer for no extra cost.

Office C2R does not require a 25 digit product key.  There is no need to enter that long string of digits to activate your copy of Office.  Office C2R uses your Office 365 user name and password to activate your copy of Office.  So you never have to remember a product key again or worry about losing it.

Another great feature of Office C2R is that it is ready to use in a few minutes after installation.  You don’t need to wait for the full Office package to download in order to use Office C2R.  Office C2R prioritizes the blocks of the application to download based on what you use.  If you decide that you want to run Word, Office C2R will start to download the Word blocks.  As long as you remain connected to the Internet, Office C2R will continue to download the remaining blocks while you are using Office.  Once Office C2R is fully installed, you can disconnect from the Internet and work offline as you would with any other version of Office.  The only time you need to have an Internet connection with Office C2R is during the initial install and while Office C2R is applying updates.

Office C2R is great at saving files in the cloud.  The default behavior in Office 2013 is to save files to a cloud storage location such as OneDrive or SharePoint Online.  However, Office C2R can also save files to the local hard drive just like previous versions of Office.  So you can store your files wherever you feel comfortable.  Office C2R does not impose an rules or restrictions on where your files reside.

Sometimes programs get corrupt and stop working properly.  Office C2R makes it easier to repair and recover your copy of Office.  You can repair your shortcuts and file type registration by performing a Quick Repair.  Or you can do a “Full Repair”, which will basically uninstall and re-install your copy of Office without losing any of your settings or documents. Both of these options can be found in the Windows “Programs and Features” area.  Uninstalling Office C2R is also faster than previous versions as it takes seconds instead of minutes.

Office C2R automatically checks the internet for updates. It downloads them in the background, and the next time you restart Office or your computer, you’re running the latest version.  Office C2R has a differential updating technology that uses Hash files to move directly from any build to the latest in a single step.  Even if you’ve been offline for a long time, getting up to date is fast and easy.

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