Know what you Value and how you Behave

In a previous post I discussed some tips on how to be a better consultant. A few people asked about my last tip – Stay true to your values.  They ask what are they? How do I know what I value? Do they really impact behaviour?  

What are values?

They are deeply held beliefs about behaviours or outcomes we think are important. In their book The Truth About Leadership, Kouzes & Posner do a great job of making them relevant:

Values drive commitment.

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Being a Kloudie in our Brave New World.

The Brave New World of Kloud Solutions is, in this case, not ironic. It is a new and exciting period of our story as a leader in professional services organisations in Australia.
I have wanted to write this blog post for quite some time – but something was holding me back. Had we tested the waters enough for me to make comment?  Were we ready to talk to others about what was really happening inside Kloud Solutions since our acquisition.… [Keep reading] “Being a Kloudie in our Brave New World.”