Being a Kloudie in our Brave New World.
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The Brave New World of Kloud Solutions is, in this case, not ironic. It is a new and exciting period of our story as a leader in professional services organisations in Australia.
I have wanted to write this blog post for quite some time – but something was holding me back. Had we tested the waters enough for me to make comment?  Were we ready to talk to others about what was really happening inside Kloud Solutions since our acquisition. Over the last 12 months or so one of that most common questions I get from potential Kloudies is – so now you are part of a bigger company – has that changed the Kloudie culture?
It is no secret that Kloud was acquired in March 2016 and with that came a lot of trepidation from our Kloudies and from our People and Culture team. What would it mean? Was the new Kloudie world vision something that was going to change the way Kloudies worked in our local offices and out in the field?  Well, here we are one year on and you know what – in terms of the culture and Kloud – nothing has changed.
At the core of all Kloudies you find a passionate specialist who is a member of the most awesome cloud solutions consulting team operating in Australia.  Our consultants are smart and searching for the latest way to help our customers embrace all things cloud.
So how do we keep the culture of Kloud Solutions after an acquisition?  The answer is simple really. We change nothing.  A Kloudie starting in the team today, has the same experience on joining us as a Kloudie who started pre aqusition.
Why is this important?
Our consultants joined Kloud Solutions, in part, because they wanted to be Kloudies.  Sure – they wanted to work with the latest and greatest technologies but equally they wanted to belong to an organisation, have a set of values and behaviours they could align to, and above all be more than Employee Number X.
Keeping this culture has meant that within a much larger organisation we are able to keep the essence of what has made us so special over the last 6 years.  It has enabled us to maintain our culture but take advantage of some of the wonderful and awesome benefits that working for a large organisation can offer.
So – are you our next Kloudie?

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I completely agree that the cloud solution is changing day by day as per new trends. Actually, there are a lot of new upcoming trends, you can see in the cloud. I would like to go definitely with the cloud.
Thanks for such an informative article for sharing with us.

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