Inheritance in Office 365 Tenant Dial Plans

For those looking to leverage the Phone System capability in Office 365 with Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams, the introduction of Tenant Dial Plans was a welcome addition to the feature set.  Essentially, a Tenant Dial Plan allows organisations to write their own rules about how phone numbers work in their business, most commonly used to facilitate short-dialing, such as a 4- or 5-digit extension dialing plan.  If you’re not familiar with Tenant Dial Plans, the Microsoft Docs page is a great place to start:

Microsoft Docs: What are Dial Plans?[Keep reading] “Inheritance in Office 365 Tenant Dial Plans”

Microsoft Teams Announcements and New Features – Enhance your meetings today

Microsoft Teams has just turned 2. To celebrate, new features have been announced and are coming your way soon. With this wave of new features there aren’t many reasons left not to adopt Microsoft Teams. Many of our customers are embracing Teams as they see the value in a connected collaboration experience that brings together voice, chat, content & meetings.

For me, nothing beats a face-to-face meeting. Though, as people embrace flexible working, are geographically distributed or constantly on the go, connecting with others can be challenging.… [Keep reading] “Microsoft Teams Announcements and New Features – Enhance your meetings today”

Surface Hub and Microsoft Teams: What can you do right now?

If you’re lucky to have access to a Microsoft Surface Hub in your organisation, you may be wondering if Microsoft Teams will work on the device.
Microsoft are working on a Teams app for the surface hub, but whilst we wait for that to become available, what features are available to us right now?
Signing In to Teams
First things first; If we don’t have a Teams app on the device how do we sign in and use Teams?… [Keep reading] “Surface Hub and Microsoft Teams: What can you do right now?”

Adding Bot to Microsoft Teams

If you are following up on my previous blog posts about Bots and integrating LUIS with them, you are almost done with building bots and already had some fun with it. Now it’s time to bring them to life and let internal or external users interact with Bot via some sort of front end channel accessible by them. If you haven’t read my previous posts on the subject yet, please give them a read at Creating a Bot and Creating a LUIS app before reading further.… [Keep reading] “Adding Bot to Microsoft Teams”