Inheritance in Office 365 Tenant Dial Plans

For those looking to leverage the Phone System capability in Office 365 with Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams, the introduction of Tenant Dial Plans was a welcome addition to the feature set.  Essentially, a Tenant Dial Plan allows organisations to write their own rules about how phone numbers work in their business, most commonly used to facilitate short-dialing, such as a 4- or 5-digit extension dialing plan.  If you’re not familiar with Tenant Dial Plans, the Microsoft Docs page is a great place to start:

Microsoft Docs: What are Dial Plans?[Keep reading] “Inheritance in Office 365 Tenant Dial Plans”

Improve Operational Communications by using Microsoft Teams

Microsoft proudly announced their fastest growing product hit 13 Million+ active users per month. It’s amazing how far the product has come in just 3 years!Infographic showing Microsoft Teams outpacing Slack in daily active users with 13+ million. Slack DAU based on public disclosures, matched with month of disclosure. For dates between disclosures, straightline linear growth was assumed.

It’s safe to say Teams has become the cornerstone of the intelligent workplace powering experiences from content collaboration to chat to modern meetings.  Of late I’ve been working on some not-so-typical use cases, ones that emerged with new features that became available in June 2019.

It reinforces the importance of keeping abreast of product updates as the simplest enhancement can unlock new use cases and drive efficiencies in areas you wouldn’t normally expect.… [Keep reading] “Improve Operational Communications by using Microsoft Teams”

Microsoft Teams Announcements and New Features – Enhance your meetings today

Microsoft Teams has just turned 2. To celebrate, new features have been announced and are coming your way soon. With this wave of new features there aren’t many reasons left not to adopt Microsoft Teams. Many of our customers are embracing Teams as they see the value in a connected collaboration experience that brings together voice, chat, content & meetings.

For me, nothing beats a face-to-face meeting. Though, as people embrace flexible working, are geographically distributed or constantly on the go, connecting with others can be challenging.… [Keep reading] “Microsoft Teams Announcements and New Features – Enhance your meetings today”

Analogue Devices and Microsoft Teams

Last week, I was working through a technical workshop with a customer who wanted to make the move to Microsoft Teams. We’d worked through the usual questions, and then the infamous question came: So .. are there any analogue devices still in use? “Yeah, about 50 handsets”. You’d be forgiven for thinking that analogue handsets were a thing of the past. However, much like the fax machine, there’s still a whole lot of love out there for them.… [Keep reading] “Analogue Devices and Microsoft Teams”

Fix for Site column not showing up in Search crawled properties in Microsoft Team Sites

Recently in a project, where we are implementing Microsoft Teams, we faced an issue in the SharePoint Modern Sites created with Microsoft Teams where site columns were not showing up in managed properties even after a 24 hour wait. Pretty sure the crawled property must have been crawled, we started investigating the issue with MS help and found a workaround fix.

In this blog, will list out the troubleshooting steps and quick fix for the search properties for those having a similar issue


The crawled property and manged property for the Site column don’t show up in Search crawled properties of SharePoint Modern Team sites created through Microsoft Teams.… [Keep reading] “Fix for Site column not showing up in Search crawled properties in Microsoft Team Sites”

Pump up your investments in Modern Intranet and Team Sites with latest cool advancements (Ignite 2018)

At Ignite 2018, Microsoft provided a great perspective about how Modern Intranets (using SharePoint Communication Sites) and Collaboration features are becoming a major collaboration platform for many companies and investments Microsoft is doing to make them better. Some of these cool features were mentioned during the event. We will take a look at many of them in this blog and how we could use it to make Modern Intranets, Modern Team Sites and Microsoft Teams work even better and seamlessly together.… [Keep reading] “Pump up your investments in Modern Intranet and Team Sites with latest cool advancements (Ignite 2018)”