IT Service Management (ITSM) & Operations – Overview of the Availability Management Process


In many cases ITSM Availability Management Process is overlooked due to other frontline processes such as incident, problem and change management. I have provided a summary of this availability management process and significance below. I hope that the information is useful for your organisation in order to define and implement the process.

  • Availability management has to ensure that the delivered availability levels for all services comply with or exceed the agreed requirements in a cost-effective way and enables the business to satisfy its objectives.
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Cloud Operations Model and Project Stream – Considerations


Cloud operations stream is responsible for designing and operation of the cloud model for the project and BAU activities. This stream is primarily responsible for people, process, tools and information. The model can change as the organisation’s requirements and type of business.  

Aspects Cloud Operations Model

Below is an example of key aspects that we need to consider when defining Cloud Operations Model.
aspects 2.jpg

Cloud Operations Stream  – High Level Approach

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ITSM – Service Catalogue – Summary


  • The Service Catalogue represents a trusted record of the services provided by Information Technology (IT), its default capabilities, measures and primary means of access and provision.
  • It is the means by which we articulate WHAT we manage and measure. It is the hidden power of how we set the customer’s expectations and exceed them.
  • It can provide an essential medium for communication and coordination among IT and its customers, and should distinguish between Business Customers (the ones paying for the service) and End Users (the recipient of the service).
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The Consumption-based Service Management Model

One question all organisations should be asking themselves is what happens to traditional managed services models once we shift towards cloud computing?

In the past, managed service providers would tell you why, what and how they deliver service management so it will provide value to your organisation. The end result would likely be a fixed term service management model.

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