Service Strategy – How do you become Instrumental?

There is a well-known concept developed by Ronald Coase around organisational boundaries being determined by transaction costs.
This concept stated that organisations are faced with three decisions.
To make, buy or rent.
In some scenarios, it makes sense for organisations to own and operate assets, or conduct activities in-house, however, at other times you could seek alternatives from the open market.
When seeking alternatives from the open markets the key factor can be the transaction cost.… [Keep reading] “Service Strategy – How do you become Instrumental?”

Is Service Strategy your Everest?

Essentially strategy is separating what to do versus what not to do.
It brings about alignment to your organisation’s vision.
In this blog, I will endeavour to cover why having a service management strategy is critical for your organisation and point you towards well-known principles that will help you scale it.
You could think of this like climbing a mountain.
It starts with your perspective.
Perspective – outlines your vision and direction.
What does Everest look like?… [Keep reading] “Is Service Strategy your Everest?”

Exploring Cloud Adoption

At Kloud we get incredible opportunities to partner with global organisations.
Listening to and observing one of our established clients has inspired me to write about the change programme around Office 365 and how we can expand the approach.
The change management programme, in terms of adoption, is based on a user’s journey through the office 365 toolset. A sort of step by step approach incorporating exchange online and SharePoint online – building a workspace for each department which effectively will become the reference point in which you work from.… [Keep reading] “Exploring Cloud Adoption”

Cloud Enterprise Governance

Organisational Strategies are currently being forged around SAAS, IAAS and PAAS in cloud computing.

What will the new Cloud Enterprise Governance framework look like?

Lack of Cloud Enterprise Governance can result in organisations not achieving strategically set directives as well as consumer loss of confidence.

This is challenging considering how fast cloud computing is currently being accelerated, at the same token, this also provides a fantastic opportunity to get it right.

Cloud computing is putting pressure on traditional governance ability to adapt and change.… [Keep reading] “Cloud Enterprise Governance”

The Service Coin

We were recently invited by a customer to share on how we do managed services at Kloud, particularly around Microsoft Azure and Office 365.

During the conversation, I landed on an analogy that best articulated how we envision delivering service through the Cloud computing model.

I thought I would share that analogy.

Simply put service is a means of delivering value to customers, minus all the overhead of actually operating the service.

With that in mind let’s think about the service coin in terms of value in the economy called the cloud.… [Keep reading] “The Service Coin”

The art of managing a service

In the age of technology, it’s important to deliver value to customers in terms of outcomes. Service typifies what this means, providing value to the customer.

There is an art to managing a service, it’s here I want to focus the attention. “Art,” implies mastery of any sort of craft.  I love the picture this paints.  One could imply that managing a service is a mastering it, in turn mastering value.

Here’s a few pointers on how to do that.… [Keep reading] “The art of managing a service”

Accelerating Azure Multi Factor Authentication in Enterprise Organisation

At Kloud we get incredible opportunities to partner with organisations who are global leaders in their particular industry.

Recently we were asked to accelerate Microsoft’s Azure Multi factor authentication for Office 365 users in the cloud throughout an enterprise organisation.

This blog is not so much focused on the technical implementation (there is an incredible amount of technical documentation provided by Microsoft that covers this) but more around what we discovered whilst accelerating the technology throughout the organisation.… [Keep reading] “Accelerating Azure Multi Factor Authentication in Enterprise Organisation”

Cloud and the rate of Change Management

At Kloud we get incredible opportunities to partner with organisations who are global leaders in their particular industry.

Listening to and observing one of our established clients inspired me to write about their approach to change management in the cloud around the SaaS model.

Let’s start by telling you a quick story about bubble wrap.

Bubble wrap has taken a very different journey to what it was originally intended for. It was meant to be used as wall paper.… [Keep reading] “Cloud and the rate of Change Management”

The Consumption-based Service Management Model

One question all organisations should be asking themselves is what happens to traditional managed services models once we shift towards cloud computing?

In the past, managed service providers would tell you why, what and how they deliver service management so it will provide value to your organisation. The end result would likely be a fixed term service management model.

Technology has always been a fast-pace landscape which has made the delivery of long term value to customers out of service management agreements challenging.… [Keep reading] “The Consumption-based Service Management Model”