Make Your Azure WebJobs Unit Testable Again

In my previous posts, we had a look at testability for serverless applications. In this post, we’re going to apply a similar approach to Azure WebJobs.

The sample code used in this post can be found here.

For either scheduled WebJob instance or on-demand WebJob instance, it’s just a console application that we’re not dealing with. However, when we look at the continuous running WebJob instance, it will be a different story. Let’s have a look at the basic WebJob code.… [Keep reading] “Make Your Azure WebJobs Unit Testable Again”

Dependency Injection in Vue.js App with TypeScript

Dependency management is one of critical points while developing applications. In the back-end world, there are many IoC container libraries that we can make use of, like Autofac, Ninject, etc. Similarly, many modern front-end frameworks also provide DI features. However, those features work way differently from how back-end libraries do. In this post, we’re going to use TypeScript and Vue.js for development and apply an IoC container library called InversifyJS that offers very similar development experiences to back-end application development.… [Keep reading] “Dependency Injection in Vue.js App with TypeScript”