Using Microsoft Identity Manager Synchronisation Server's Global Address List Synchronisation feature to create a shared global address book across three Exchange Forests

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Over the life of a company, there can be many acquisitions and mergers. During such events, the parent and the newly acquired entities have their IT “merged”. This allows for the removal of redundant systems and the reduction of expenses. It also fosters collaboration between the two entities. Unfortunately, the marriage of the two IT systems, can at times, take a long time.
To enable a more collaborative space between the parent and the newly acquired company, a shared “global address book” can be created, which will allow employees to quickly look up each others contact details easily.… [Keep reading] “Using Microsoft Identity Manager Synchronisation Server's Global Address List Synchronisation feature to create a shared global address book across three Exchange Forests”

MIM2016 Upgrade Hanging on Custom Action – SetPermissionEval

I was upgrading a client’s environment from FIM2010 R2 to MIM2016, during the upgrade of the Synchronization service, the installer appeared stuck, I waited for over an hour, there was no activity and no progress update. I checked the msi installation log, and found the last activity was CustomAction = SetPermissionEval, ActionType=3073. Other than this, there was no errors or any indication of failures.
According to this TechNet article, SetPermissionEval sets access permission (ACLs) for file folders, registry, DCOM launch/access permission and WMI.… [Keep reading] “MIM2016 Upgrade Hanging on Custom Action – SetPermissionEval”

Set your eyes on the Target!

So in my previous posts I’ve discussed a couple of key points in what I define as the basic principles of Identity and Access Management;

Now that we have all the information needed, we can start to look at your target systems. Now in the simplest terms this could be your local Active Directory (Authentication Domain), but this could be anything, and with the adoption of cloud services, often these target systems are what drives the need for robust IAM services.… [Keep reading] “Set your eyes on the Target!”

What's a DEA?

In my last post I made a reference to a “Data Exchange Agreement” or DEA, and I’ve since been asked a couple of times about this. So I thought it would be worth while writing a post about what it is, why it’s of value to you and to your business.
So what’s a DEA? Well in simply terms it’s exactly what the name states, it’s an agreement that defines the parameters in which data is exchanged between Service A and Service B. … [Keep reading] “What's a DEA?”

The Vault!

The vault or more precisely the “Identity Vault” is a single pane view of all the collated data of your users, from the various data source repositories. This sounds like a lot of jargon but it’s quite simple really.
In the diagram below we look at a really simple attribute firstName (givenName within AD) DataFlow
As you will see at the centre is the attribute, and branching off this is all the Connected Systems, i.e. Active Directory.… [Keep reading] “The Vault!”

MfaSettings.xml updates not taking effect

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Last week, I was at a client site, extending their Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) 2016 Self Service Password Reset Solution so that it could use Azure MultiFactor Authentication (MFA). This is an elegant solution since instead of using Questions and Answers to authenticate yourself when trying to reset your password, you can use One Time Passwords (OTP), sent as a security code via a text message to your registered mobile device.
I followed the steps as outlined in[Keep reading] “MfaSettings.xml updates not taking effect”

Consideration for multi-forest synchronisation with a resource Exchange forest

Azure AD Connect has come a long way from the early days of DirSync, and multi-forest directory synchronisation is a great step forward, with the ability to synchronise an account forest and Exchange resource forest to Office 365 meeting the needs of many organisations.

Joining linked mailboxes

To provide synchronisation of an account forest and an Exchange resource forest AAD Connect matches accounts across forests using the same attribute used by Exchange, matching the linked mailbox account’s msExchMasterAccount attribute value with the objectSID value of the account in the other forest to join them.… [Keep reading] “Consideration for multi-forest synchronisation with a resource Exchange forest”

The Next Version of Forefront Identity Manager Is Coming in 2015

There has been a lot of speculation about the next version of Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager.  For those who follow Microsoft’s product roadmaps, a number of Forefront products have been cancelled by Microsoft.  Here is a brief list:

  • Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange
  • Forefront Protection 2010 for SharePoint
  • Forefront Security 2010 for Office Communication Server
  • Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010
  • Forefront Unified Access Gateway 2010


Other products in the Forefront family have been renamed and become a more integrated part of another product.  … [Keep reading] “The Next Version of Forefront Identity Manager Is Coming in 2015”