Azure Log Analytics and Power BI Desktop for Advanced SharePoint Reporting

In a previous blog post we explored some of the basics around integration of OMS and Power BI to report on user activity. In this blog post we’ll look at this subject in more detail and show what can be achieved with Power BI Desktop, especially with the updates now available in Azure Log Analytics as part of the Operations Management Suite (OMS).
Power BI presents a wealth of data visualisation capability, primarily as two use types, the online version which is geared toward sharing and collaboration (accessed on this URL:[Keep reading] “Azure Log Analytics and Power BI Desktop for Advanced SharePoint Reporting”

Monitor SharePoint Online Activity with OMS and Power BI

As more organisations move their data into the cloud there is now a big focus on getting more insight and visibility in what data is being moved up into the cloud, where it is being stored, how it is being used and by whom.
This post looks at how we can provide greater insight into SharePoint Online, but can also be applicable across other document management systems.
While Office 365 provides an audit capability out of the box to view user activity, this is not highly accessible to those who do not administer Office 365 directly.… [Keep reading] “Monitor SharePoint Online Activity with OMS and Power BI”

Microsoft Azure Stack is the New Hybrid Cloud

Last week Microsoft released the public technical preview of new Azure Stack. Azure Stack, along with its predecessor Windows Azure Pack, gives anyone the ability to extend Azure management capabilities to their on-premises datacentre.

Firstly, a bit of background.

With Windows Server 2012 R2, Microsoft made available Windows Azure Pack. Azure Pack offered an on-premise integration point between Windows Server, System Centre, and SQL Server to offer a self-service portal and private cloud services including virtual machine provisioning and management (IaaS), database as a services (DBaaS), and scalable web application hosting (PaaS).… [Keep reading] “Microsoft Azure Stack is the New Hybrid Cloud”