Another day, another data breach


Make no mistake the Equifax Data Breach of about 143 million records (approx. 44% of US population) is one of the largest and ‘will be’ the most expensive data breach in the history. Equifax is one of the four largest American credit agencies alongside Experian, Trans Union and Innovis.

The data breach notification by Equifax should remind us that data breaches are inevitable and these breaches will continue to happen and make headlines.

However, the key message of this breach is the reporting firm took over 5 weeks to publicly disclose the data breach, which means that the personal information of 143 million people was exposed for over 2 months before they were made aware of the compromise.… [Keep reading] “Another day, another data breach”

170 Days to Go…

Notifiable Data Breach Scheme starts on 22nd February 2018 — How well are you prepared?


The focus on cyber security is rapidly increasing partly due to recent high-profile security breaches within major organisations and businesses. Evolving levels of sophistication, stealth, and reach of organised cyber-attacks requires more attention than ever before. Coupling cyber concerns with threats organisations face internally, cyber security now resides high on many corporate risk registers as a top concern for executives and business owners.[Keep reading] “170 Days to Go…”

Another global ransomware attack is fast spreading !!!

With the events that have escalated since last night here, is a quick summary and initial response from Kloud on how organisations can take proactive steps to mitigate the current situation. Please feel free to distribute internally as you see fit.
A new wave of powerful cyber-attack (Petya – as referred to in the blue comments below) hit Europe on Tuesday in a possible reprise of a widespread ransomware assault in May that affected 150 countries. … [Keep reading] “Another global ransomware attack is fast spreading !!!”