Create a PowerApp from SharePoint list

In my last post we explored PowerApps and the associated development tools available like PowerApps desktop studio and PowerApps web studio. Without writing a single line of code we created our first basic three screen PowerApp and were able to perform CURD (create, update, read, delete) operations on our SharePoint data source.
In this, we will try an create a App from SharePoint list. we’ll create an app from a “Roster” SharePoint list.
First, we will see how PowerApps is integrated into SharePoint Online.… [Keep reading] “Create a PowerApp from SharePoint list”

Building my first PowerApp, a basic roster, pulling data from SharePoint Online

What is PowerApps?

PowerApps is a set of services and apps, that enable power users to build line of business application rapidly. It can connect to the cloud services and data sources that we may be already using.

Why PowerApps?

PowerApps gives power user ability to quickly build apps that suit specific needs. They can share apps instantly with Team across the web, tablets, and mobile devices. To list down, few of the advantages of PowerApps are:

  • Simple and fast – capable of producing an app in minutes that pulls in data from Excel or a cloud service.

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