OWIN and Microsoft Account Authentication Bug

When accessing the email claims using OWIN and a Microsoft Account, you might encounter situations where your application does not receive a email claim, when you expect. We’ve experienced this issue most commonly with hotmail.com and outlook.com logins. Note below where the email claim is not completed in the left screen (a hotmail.com account) but is available for my kloud.com.au email address.

In this situation, there is a bug in the Owin Microsoft Account identity provider where a value isn’t correctly being checked for null.… [Keep reading] “OWIN and Microsoft Account Authentication Bug”

Building websites with Ionic Framework, Angular and Microsoft Azure App Services

The Ionic Framework (https://ionicframework.com/) is an angular 4 based framework that is designed to build beautiful applications quickly and easily that can be targeted to native platforms as well as Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).  In this blog post, I’ll walk through the steps to start your own Ionic PWA hosted on Azure App Services, which will then serve your application.

What is Microsoft Azure App Services?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform that allows you to host server workloads that you’d previously host locally in a data centre or on a server somewhere to be hosted in an environment where massive scale and availability becomes available at an hourly rate.… [Keep reading] “Building websites with Ionic Framework, Angular and Microsoft Azure App Services”