ASP.NET Web API Integration Testing with One Line of Code

A very popular post about integration testing ASP.NET Web API was published quite some time ago. However, since then, OWIN has been released. OWIN makes integration testing ASP.NET Web API much simpler. This post describes what is required to set an OWIN-based integration testing framework up.

This, believe it or not, only requires a single line of code with OWIN self-hosting! It assumes that your web API project is powered by ASP.NET Web API 2.2 with OWIN.… [Keep reading] “ASP.NET Web API Integration Testing with One Line of Code”

Azure Table Storage little gem – InsertOrMerge

This blog describes the usage of the InsertOrMerge operation for Azure Table Storage.

Each entity in Table Storage is defined by the PartitionKey/RowKey combination. InsertOrMerge will insert the entity if it doesn’t exist and, if it exists, it would merge the properties of updated entity with the existing one. For more details, see the Azure Storage blog.

When comparing with the existing table schema, not all properties are required to be specified for this operation.… [Keep reading] “Azure Table Storage little gem – InsertOrMerge”

Evolution of coding

Many years ago, back in Uni, I saw 2 guys in a computer lab writing a whole programming assignment without running it even once. The program was of relatively decent size written in C and consequently there were hundreds of compilation errors. That’s so silly, I thought…

After graduation I used to be a C++ programmer. The syntax sometimes was quite tricky and you would often compile after every new line of code. Sometimes, you would dare to write a whole function, just to find 10 compilation errors.… [Keep reading] “Evolution of coding”