Moving Dirsync Between Active Directory Forests

With the ever growing popularity of Office 365 it’s no surprise that situations are starting to pop up where organizations want to move Dirsync between forests. A recent example of this was a customer who divested from a parent company leading to an inter-forest migration using the traditional ADMT tool set. Consequently directory synchronization (version 2.0) also had to be moved between forests. The good news is that this IS possible despite a fair amount of web content to the contrary.… [Keep reading] “Moving Dirsync Between Active Directory Forests”

DirSync and Distribution Group Self Service Management

If you’re an Office 365 Exchange Online customer and currently utilizing Directory Synchronization (DirSync) to synchronize between an on premise Active Directory and the Azure Active Directory you’ll be all too familiar with the limitations that are imposed around the management of distribution group membership. Namely an Exchange online user specified as the owner of a distribution group will not be able to manage the membership of that group through the standard Outlook Address Book interface as detailed here

In the background, if we think about this in relation to DirSync functionality, the group is being pushed from the on premise Active Directory to the Azure Active Directory in a one way sync.… [Keep reading] “DirSync and Distribution Group Self Service Management”

Removing an Exchange Hybrid Configuration

I was recently working with a customer who were performing an organization led de-merger, for the purposes of this blog entry lets refer to them as ‘CompanyA’ and ‘CompanyB’.  Prior to the de-merger CompanyA hosted an on premise Exchange 2013 environment that both CompanyA and CompanyB utilized for the purposes of mailbox/public folder hosting. At the point of the de-merger, CompanyA were going to retain their existing Exchange environment and CompanyB were planning to move to O365.[Keep reading] “Removing an Exchange Hybrid Configuration”