It’s been a busy week for our Managed Services team, who have collaborated together across our globally distributed team to provide a customer first security response to this most recent ransomware attack.
From the outset our teams acted swiftly to ensure the several hundred servers, platforms & desktop infrastructure under our management were secure.
Based on our deep knowledge of our customers, their environments and landscapes Kloud Managed Services were able to swiftly develop individual security approaches to remediate discovered security weak points.
In cases where customers have opted for Kloud’s robust approach to patch management the process has ensured customer environments were proactively protected against the threat. For these customers no action was required other than to confirm the relevant patches were in place for all infrastructure Kloud manage.
Communication is key in responding to these types of threats and the Managed Services team’s ability to collaborate and share knowledge quickly internally and then externally with our customers has ensured we remain on top of this threat and are ever vigilant for the next one.


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