Do you need to check for an active internet connection in your mobile app? Don’t we all do it often and on many platforms (and for almost all apps)? I found myself implementing it on iOS and Android and then pulling my implementation to almost all the mobile apps that I write. This is not efficient, and can be done better, right? 🙂

As a result I have created a library called Reachabiliy.Net which can be found as a nuget package for everything related to network connectivity. The library is open source and is hosted on Github. Currently, the solution only supports Xamarin iOS and Xamarin Android. I might add Windows Phone support and .NET 4.5 depending on the feedback I get. You will find examples listed on the main repository page.

I have included some sample code in the Github repostiroy.

The library provides a unified API across all platforms. The implementation of the library is based on the Xamarin Recipe on iOS, which can be found Xamarin’s Recipe Site. This is a good implementation and well tested.

On Android, the Xamarin Android recipe, is not really great and is based on the examples from the Android SDK docs, but it only checks whether the device is capable of connecting to the internet (or to wifi) or not and does not indicate the current connection status.

Therefore, I combined the Xamarin Android recipe with another check for connectivity to ensure correct results. More details on Reachability on Android can be found on this StackOverflow discussion.

OK, that’s all for me and I hope you enjoy using the library. Feel free to log any issues or feature requests on Github and I would love to hear your feedback.

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