Customer Overview
Spotless Group is an Australian owned, managed and operated provider of integrated facility management services. With operations across Australia and New Zealand, the Group’s 33,000 employees deliver millions of service hours a year across hundreds of specialist services to industry sectors including:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Leisure, Sport and Entertainment
  • Defence
  • Government
  • Resources
  • Business and Industry (AU) (NZ)
  • Laundries

Business Situation
Spotless service workers and supervisors (employees and sub-contractors) generally work at customer locations rather than offices. Spotless always has a need to supervise the work, capture work related information, disseminate information to, and receive information from these workers.

With the distributed nature of Spotless’ workforce and interaction predominately paper-based or verbal, the organisation was experiencing inefficiencies due to the amount of manual processes involved.  Continuing along this path of a manual mode of operation was resulting in time delays with inefficient use of support staff and an ongoing lack of visibility and effective oversight of service workers and their activities.

In response to the business situation, Kloud proposed a secure mobile computing platform for Spotless’ customers, service managers, and service workers named “MyWork”.

MyWork is a cloud based mobile platform that comprises the following components:

  • Customer specific web portal for customers to raise, query, and track service requests, query asset registers, query maintenance schedules, etc. It was developed as a set of single-page applications (SPAs) in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS and is hosted on SharePoint Online.
  • Service team web portal for managing timesheets, jobs, audits, etc. It was developed as a set of single-page applications (SPAs) in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS and it is hosted on SharePoint Online.
  • Service team mobile phone apps for managing time sheets, jobs and audits. They were developed as Android and iOS apps using Xamarin’s cross-platform runtime and are distributed via AirWatch mobile device management solution.
  • Platform services that implement a range of HTTP-based services, including integration services with Spotless’ on-premises systems, for the customer web portals, the service team web portal, and the mobile phone apps. They were developed in ASP.NET Web API and are hosted in Microsoft Azure.

The MyWork solution was designed with Microsoft’s cloud services, which leveraged Spotless’ existing investments in the Microsoft Azure Platform and SharePoint Online (Office 365).

MyWork supports Spotless’ values that that if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well by:

  • Putting people first: Engaging customers, service managers, and service workers by providing systems they can access in the office, out of the office, and at remote work sites.
  • Rolling up our sleeves: Ability to assign service requests directly to service workers thus turning around jobs in a more timely and efficient manner.
  • Leading not following: Providing leading edge technology and mobile systems that makes workforce more closely connected to its customers and service workers.
  • Make every dollar count: MyWork provides customers, staff and subcontractors a new way of doing business by moving to a more automated, online and mobile focused platform.

Kloud understood Spotless’ requirement and delivered to this requirement on time and on budget. Their knowledge of the subject matter and technologies combined with their track record of other mobility projects resulted in a positive project outcome. – Peter Lotz, Chief Information Officer, Spotless Group

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