HoloLens – Understanding depth (Spatial Mapping)

Building smart applications which can work in a three-dimensional space has many challenges. Amongst these, the one that tops the list is the challenge of understanding and mapping the surrounding 3D world. Applications usually depend on the device and platform capability to resolve this problem. Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality devices ships with built-in technologies to measure the depth of the containing world.

Scenarios of interest

Mapping the world around a device is critical to enable powerful scenarios in this field.… [Keep reading] “HoloLens – Understanding depth (Spatial Mapping)”

HoloLens – Mixed Reality Toolkit

Game programming is an entirely different paradigm for an enterprise application developer in terms of the tools, processes and patterns used. But like any other development engagement, to kick start the development phase and to reduces the learning curve, it is always helpful to have a set of pre-baked tools handy. In the world of HoloLens application development, Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Toolkit is your best companion.
The Mixed Reality Toolkit is an open source project driven by Microsoft.… [Keep reading] “HoloLens – Mixed Reality Toolkit”