ADFS Metadata Conversion for Shibboleth

I recently blogged about the issues integrating Shibboleth Service Providers with ADFS. As an update to that blog one of Kloud’s super smart developers (Alexey Shcherbak) has re-written the FEMMA Python script in PowerShell, removing the need for Python and the LXML library! The ADFS2Fed converts ADFS metadata for consumption by a Shibboleth SP. Below is the output of Alexey’s labour, awesome work Alexey!

[code language=”PowerShell” gutter=”false”]
$idpUrl = "";
$scope = "";
$filename = ((Split-Path -parent $PSCommandPath) +"\federationmetadata.xml");… [Keep reading] “ADFS Metadata Conversion for Shibboleth”

Shibboleth Service Provider Integration with ADFS

If you’ve ever attempted to integrate a Shibboleth Service Provider (Relying Party) application with ADFS, you’d have quickly realised that Shibboleth and ADFS are quite different beasts. This blog covers off some of the key issues involved and provides details on how to get ADFS to play nice with a Shibby Service Provider (SP). This blog does not cover configuring ADFS to participate as a member in a Shibboleth Federation like InCommon or the Australian Access Federation (AAF).… [Keep reading] “Shibboleth Service Provider Integration with ADFS”