Modern Authentication updates for Office 2013 (MSI-based)

Earlier this year, Office 2013 Modern Authentication using the Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) moved to public preview. The steps to take part in the preview and to prepare the Office 2013 software are well documented, particularly by one of my fellow Kloudies (see Lucian’s blog here).

However, you may find that despite creating the registry keys and installing the required updates, Modern Authentication is still not working – something I recently encountered with MSI-based installations of Office 2013 SP1 in a Windows 7 SOE.… [Keep reading] “Modern Authentication updates for Office 2013 (MSI-based)”

Lync 2013 Basic Client – the forgotten client

I’ve had conversations with customers lately whom are looking to use Lync Server 2013 and currently don’t want to move their desktop SOE to Office 2013 suite with Lync 2013 Client. This can be a project in itself and one that IT Admins aren’t always prepared to look at. Whether this is because of the analysis needed to roll out the suite or they still are in an agreement that only allows them to Office 2010.… [Keep reading] “Lync 2013 Basic Client – the forgotten client”