Cloud Revolution – The New Cottage Industry

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In a small office in the back of a house in Melbourne is a business taking on the big players in their own backyard. Running a photo library and acting as an intermediary between a carefully chosen group of photographers and a select genre of magazines and publications.

A new photo shoot has just been uploaded from Hungary to the hosting site and a notification email has been sent. The shoot is first quality controlled, categorised and submitted for key wording using one of the new “mechanical turk” cloud services that provide an electronic portal into large, on demand, pools of human labour.… [Keep reading] “Cloud Revolution – The New Cottage Industry”

Cloud Revolution

There has been much focus recently on cloud computing and its adoption (or not) by the enterprise. Although most cloud vendors are understandably keeping their cards close to the chest, by all reports the enterprise uptake has been slow.
The problem as I see it thus far has been:

  1. Enterprises are notoriously bad at costing internal IT infrastructure. For 20 years the IT department has sat comfortably in the corner of the office occasionally ducking in and out of that off-limits humming room with no windows speaking a secret coded language of CAT-5 cables and firewalls.
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Cloud Power

While there are many definitions of cloud computing published on the Internet most fall short on perspective. Cloud computing is touted as everything from just a rebadge of existing technology to a whole new paradigm shift in information technology. To determine the truth, it’s worthwhile taking a step back to get some perspective on computing technology and where we are in the information technology maturity cycle.

History Repeating

We’ve been here before albeit with other technologies.… [Keep reading] “Cloud Power”