Deploying Blob Containers with ARM Templates

ARM templates are a great way to programmatically deploy your Azure resources. They act as declarative descriptions of the desired state of an Azure resource group, and while they can be frustrating to work with, overall the ability to use templates to deploy your Azure resources provides a lot of value.

One common frustration with ARM templates is that certain resource types simply can’t be deployed with them. Until recently, one such resource type was a blob container.… [Keep reading] “Deploying Blob Containers with ARM Templates”

Fix: unable to delete an Azure Storage Container due to a lease.

A quick tip for anyone who gets stuck when trying to delete an Azure Blob Storage Container that appears to be empty but upon deletion generates the following helpful error message

There is currently a lease on the container and no lease ID was specified in the request…

You’ve looked and there are no VHD or other objects appearing in this Container and you have found that you are unable to change the lease settings on the Container (yes, you can read them but you can’t update or remove them).… [Keep reading] “Fix: unable to delete an Azure Storage Container due to a lease.”