5 Tips: Designing Better Bots

Around about now many of you will be in discussions internally or with your partners on chatbots and their applications.
The design process for any bot distils a business process and associated outcome into a dialog. This is a series of interactions between the user and the bot where information is exchanged. The bot must deliver that outcome expediently, seeking clarifications where necessary.
I’ve been involved in many workshops with customers to elicit and evaluate business processes that could be improved through the use of bots.… [Keep reading] “5 Tips: Designing Better Bots”

Real world Azure AD Connect: the case for TWO Azure AD Connect servers

I was exchanging some emails with an account manager (Andy Walker) at Kloud and thought the exchange would be for some interesting reading. Here’s the outcome in an expanded and much more helpful (to you dear reader) format…



When working with the Microsoft Cloud and in particular with identity, depending on some of the configuration options, it can be quite important to have Azure AD Connect highly available. Unfortunately for us, Microsoft has not developed AADConnect to be highly available.… [Keep reading] “Real world Azure AD Connect: the case for TWO Azure AD Connect servers”

Office 365 PowerShell and Modularised code.

I’m going to preface this article by saying “This is not a guide to resolve a specific problem, but rather a discussion on how to work through a problem/issue which requires a script to resolve”.

Often when you first look at some of these problems they seem incredibly difficult and you can rapidly end up down a rabbit hole you didn’t intend to. (I was going to quote Yoda during the Dark Side cave scene in Empire Strikes Back, but decided against proving myself to be of a certain techie stereotype.… [Keep reading] “Office 365 PowerShell and Modularised code.”