Bulk Enroll iOS and Android Devices With Windows Intune vNext

​The current version of Windows Intune is designed for managing devices for knowledge workers.  Knowledge workers generally own more than one device.  Moreover, they rarely share their device with another user.  Knowledge workers want a mobile device which is customized according to their personal preferences.

By contrast, task workers generally do NOT own their own devices.  They use devices which their employer provides.  These devices are typically designed to be used for a specific purpose.  A common examples of a task worker device would be a handheld scanner for a package delivery service. … [Keep reading] “Bulk Enroll iOS and Android Devices With Windows Intune vNext”

New Windows Intune MDM Features for iOS and Android

The January 2014 release of ODS includes a number of new features to extend and enhance the MDM capabilities of the service. ODS uses a direct management method to manage iOS and Android devices. There is no longer a requirement to have an Exchange Server or Exchange ActiveSync. iOS and Android devices can be managed via the ODS cloud service with no on-premises infrastructure required.

Here are some of the ODS features available for iOS and Android device management:

•Retire or remotely wipe a device that is lost or stolen
•Remotely lock a device
•Remotely reset the passcode
•Detect if a device has been jail broken
•Proactive alerting to identify problems with the health of the device
•Hardware inventory
•Enforce policies and settings for:
◦password management
◦device security
◦documents and data
◦web browser
◦device hardware
◦voice assistant

If you are looking for a way to manage and secure iOS and Android devices in your home or office, please contact Kloud Solutions using the following URL: