Deploy a Geo-redundant Web App behind an Azure Traffic manager using an ARM template.

This blog will guide you on how to deploy a Web App, App service plan in different geographical locations using Azure Traffic Manager to provide Geo redundancy.  I will discuss these concepts below and provide the necessary steps to achieve this .

We will familiarize ourselves with the terminology and the technologies which will be used in the blog to build out our solution:

  1. Azure APP Services
  2. Azure App Service plan
  3. App Service Editor
  4. Traffic Manager


1.Azure App Services

Azure App Service is a fully managed computing platform within the Azure environment that is optimized for hosting web apps, REST APIs, and mobile back ends.… [Keep reading] “Deploy a Geo-redundant Web App behind an Azure Traffic manager using an ARM template.”

Hybrid Exchange Connectivity with Azure Traffic Manager

Does your exchange hybrid architecture need to have redundancy? How about an active/passive solution using Azure Traffic Manager elimating the need for a HLB device in your DMZ.

Currently there is a few topologies for configuring Hybrid Exchange with Office 365;

  1. Single Hybrid Server
  2. 2+ Hybrid Server behind a load balancer
  3. 2+ Hybrid Server with DNS round robin

A simple solution to make a redundant Hybrid Exchange design without using a HLB is to leverage Azure Traffic Manager to monitor and service the DNS namespace configured in on-premises Exchange and Office 365 configuration.… [Keep reading] “Hybrid Exchange Connectivity with Azure Traffic Manager”

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