ChatOps for Azure Active Directory

Last year I wrote Lithnet Microsoft Identity Manager plug-ins for PoshBot. After publishing those I developed the majority of a PoshBot plugin to enable ChatOps for Azure Active Directory. Finally with a little more bandwidth at the start of 2020 I’ve been able to put the finishing touches on the module and release it. ChatOps for Azure Active Directory using PoshBot is available from the PowerShell Gallery here and the source in GitHub here.… [Keep reading] “ChatOps for Azure Active Directory”

ChatOps for Microsoft Identity Manager

A Bot or ChatOps for Microsoft Identity Manager is something I’ve had in the back of my mind for just over two years. More recently last year I did build the Voice Assistant for Microsoft Identity Manager as a submission for an IoT Hackathon. But what is ChatOps?

ChatOps is a collaboration model that connects people, tools, process, and automation into a transparent workflow. This flow connects the work needed, the work happening, and the work done in a persistent location staffed by the people, bots, and related tools.[Keep reading] “ChatOps for Microsoft Identity Manager”