Restoring deleted OneDrive sites in Office365

A customer has requested whether it was possible to restore a OneDrive site that had been deleted when the user’s account was marked for deletion in AD. After a bit of research, I was able to restore the site back and retrieved the files (luckily it was deleted less than 30 days ago).
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Creating new Office documents for OneDrive for Business from another ASPX page

Recently one of my clients wanted to add a new control to their widget dashboard that would give them access to OneDrive for Business functionality. As part of the control they wanted the ability to create new Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. These files would then be edited using Office Web Apps.

Our control has been written as a single page application deployed to the My Site Host of the Office 365 Tenant. It would then be accessed via an IFRAME on a non ASPX page.… [Keep reading] “Creating new Office documents for OneDrive for Business from another ASPX page”

Using SkyDrive (or OneDrive) for Source Code

I don’t keep anything on my laptop and haven’t done for some time. Of course there is the very simple problem of losing a device or a hard disk, but now, with the advent of multiple virtual machines and physical devices, I find myself working on a large number of different machines that may or may not be on my physical laptop. That means I need a home for source code that is available from many machines and backed up somewhere safe.… [Keep reading] “Using SkyDrive (or OneDrive) for Source Code”