Updated: Azure AD B2B Guest Invitations Microsoft Identity Manager Management Agent

In August I posted this that detailed Automating Azure AD B2B Guest Invitations using Microsoft Identity Manager. More recently Microsoft updated the Microsoft Graph to include additional information about Azure AD B2B Guest users and I wrote this that creates HTML Reports based off these new attributes.

That information is also handy when managing the lifecyle of Azure AD B2B Users. As we do that using Microsoft Identity Manager I’ve updated my Azure AD B2B Guest Invitation Management Agent for these attributes so they can be used in the lifecycle logic.… [Keep reading] “Updated: Azure AD B2B Guest Invitations Microsoft Identity Manager Management Agent”

MIM2016 Upgrade Hanging on Custom Action – SetPermissionEval

I was upgrading a client’s environment from FIM2010 R2 to MIM2016, during the upgrade of the Synchronization service, the installer appeared stuck, I waited for over an hour, there was no activity and no progress update. I checked the msi installation log, and found the last activity was CustomAction = SetPermissionEval, ActionType=3073. Other than this, there was no errors or any indication of failures.
According to this TechNet article, SetPermissionEval sets access permission (ACLs) for file folders, registry, DCOM launch/access permission and WMI.… [Keep reading] “MIM2016 Upgrade Hanging on Custom Action – SetPermissionEval”

Office365 Licensing Management Agent for Microsoft Identity Manager

Licensing for Office365 has always been a moving target for enterprise customers. Over the years I’ve implemented a plethora of solutions to keep licensing consistent with entitlement logic. For some customers this is as simple as everyone gets say, an E3 license. For other institutions there are often a mix of ‘E’ and ‘K’ licenses depending on EmployeeType.

Using the Granfeldt PowerShell Management Agent to import Office365 Licensing info

In this blog post I detail how I’m using Søren Granfeldt’s extremely versatile PowerShell Management Agent yet again.… [Keep reading] “Office365 Licensing Management Agent for Microsoft Identity Manager”

FIM 2010 R2 and the Missing Log File

Anyone who has had anything to do with FIM will probably have experienced moments where you question what is taking place and ask yourself if you really understand what FIM is doing at a specific point in time. This is partly due to FIM’s extraordinarily unpredictable error handling and logging.

While working on a long running FIM 2010 R2 project where we chose to make heavy use of PowerShell within action and authorisation workflows. We chose to make use of some of the PowerShell extensions for FIM 2010 R2 at Codplex.… [Keep reading] “FIM 2010 R2 and the Missing Log File”