Performance Tuning Ubuntu Server For Use in Azure cloud

The following describes how to performance tune Ubuntu Server virtual machines for use in Azure. Although this article focuses on Ubuntu Server because it’s better established in Azure at this time. It’s worth mentioning that Debian offers better performance and stability overall, albeit at the cost of some of the more recent functionality support available in Ubuntu. Regardless many of the optimizations discussed below apply equally to both although commands and settings may vary occasionally.

Best practice recommendations from Microsoft.… [Keep reading] “Performance Tuning Ubuntu Server For Use in Azure cloud”

Effective Testing: Demystifying improvement and efficiency

If you have recently finished a system implementation or a large scale transformation work, you must be familiar with the phrase ‘test process efficiency’ and wondered what this refers to. But unlike the older days, just the delivery of a test function does not suffice the need for quality management. Increasingly organisations are looking for improved and optimised processes rather than being bound by the red lines of a traditional testing regime.

There are few key pillars that drive the test efficiency in any organisation, often these are called the ‘levers of testing function’ in a software implementation lifecycle.… [Keep reading] “Effective Testing: Demystifying improvement and efficiency”

Best Practices for Managing Azure Subscriptions in Windows Azure PowerShell Cmdlets

Windows Azure PowerShell cmdlets makes it nice and easy to get started managing your Windows Azure services. Using the Get-AzurePublishSettingsFile cmdlet you can login into your WAZ subscription and fetch the details you need to manage your cloud services. PowerShell even saves these details locally so you can reuse them again in the future. This is great for personal accounts and small teams getting to know the Windows Azure PowerShell cmdlets. However in larger organisations this can quickly lead to management issues and security risks.… [Keep reading] “Best Practices for Managing Azure Subscriptions in Windows Azure PowerShell Cmdlets”

Good Practices for Managing Microsoft Azure Subscriptions

We’ve published some updated guidance for Service Admin account management based on the new RBAC access control techniques now available in Azure. While the classic non-RBAC portal is required, the content in the post here is still very relevant though!


Over the years it has been drilled into me to use “Least Privilege” access whenever and however possible. Least Privilege is all about limiting users, systems, and services to only those privileges which are absolutely essential to get the job done.… [Keep reading] “Good Practices for Managing Microsoft Azure Subscriptions”