[UPDATED] Azure AD Connect: SyncRuleEditor.exe and why is targetAddress missing

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Today is back to AAD Connect. I want to talk about Office 365 migrations and how they can be tricky with various options and scenarios around hybrid or non hybrid. On a recent project we were migrating a client from IBM Lotus Notes to Exchange Online in Office 365. The plan and proposed solution was designed to not use Exchange Server Hybrid on-premises and use Dell Software Migrator for a direct migration from on-premises to the cloud.

The client has never had Exchange Server on-premises before and was running a well-managed ADDS deployment spanning three sites across three continents. To allow for the schema requirements for Exchange Online, Exchange Server 2013 was downloaded and the ADDS schema was extended with that from Exchange Server 2013. All simple, standard stuff right?..

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Azure Active Directory Connect Export profile error: stopped-server-down.

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A couple of weeks ago I deployed Azure AD Connect in production. It was a relatively smooth process. The wizard did most of the work which was great. There was a few hiccups (blog post) along the way, which, in most cases is expected if the problems are not so serious.

Fast forward to my second install of the latest and greatest sync service for Azure AD and Office 365 cloud identities and we have problem no. 2. This time, though, I can say that the process ran through allot smoother. There was no real errors. Things were looking straight great and I was looking at my next task with some enthusiasm.

However, come 8.30ish this morning and going over the AADConnect server once more for peace of mind, I had noticed that the “Export” profile task that runs as the last task in the scheduled hourly run for AADConnect synchronisation (I’ve set it to 60min), unfortunately had a nice little error for me:


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Azure AD Connect: Connect Service error “stopped-extension-dll-exception”

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I was rather stuck the other day. Azure AD Connect provisioning has not been the smoothest of installs even following the wizard and successfully completing the mostly automated process. Azure AD Connect has built upon the previous generation sync services and, from what I’ve read, isn’t much of a new app, rather a version upgrade and re-name from the AADSync service still (as of July 2015) the default for Office 365 directory replication from on-premises to Azure AD.

Past versions and previous generation aside, a now generally available app should feature a working and thoroughly tested feature set. Should…

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How to provision Azure Active Directory Connect

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Time flies when you’re connecting to Azure AD. Late last month Microsoft announced that Azure AD Connect is now generally available. At the time of writing this, the synchronisation app itself still isn’t the default sync standard for Azure and obtaining the installer requires a quick Google. Since I’m deploying it for a client, I thought I’d run through the install process for future reference.

AADConnect provides allot of new functionality like for example this new fandangled ADDS password sync. In this scenario I’m keeping federation services, so ADFS will be deployed, which is more aligned with the previous or most common enterprise identity design.

This is going to be a long blog post with allot of screen shots (you’re welcome) on how to deploy Azure AD Connect. I’ll be going though the wizard process which will follow the automated process to deploy AADConnect, ADFS and ADFS WAP servers- pretty cool indeed.

At the moment AADConnect still isn’t the standard synchronisation service for Office 365 or Azure AD and requires download from the Microsoft Download Centre. To begin with, I’ve downloaded the AADConnect installer from this location.

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