Building .NET Core Application on Amazon Linux

In order to run .NET applications on Linux operating systems, Mono used to be the only option. Now, Microsoft has released .NET Core that can build and run .NET applications on any OS including Windows, OSX and Linux. In this post, we are going to install both .NET Core Framework RC1 and RC2, build and run a simple Hello World application, and compare RC1 to RC2.

Installing .NET Core RC1

By following the official document, Installing ASP.NET[Keep reading] “Building .NET Core Application on Amazon Linux”

Installing Mono into Amazon Linux

There are a couple of ways to run C# applications on Linux operating systems. Before .NET Core, Mono used to be the only way for C# applications running on Linux machine. Each Linux distro has a different method to install Mono. In this post, we’ll walk through how to install Mono on Amazon Linux.

NOTE: Amazon Linux 2016.03.1 was used for this post.

According to the official document, we can follow the CentOS way.… [Keep reading] “Installing Mono into Amazon Linux”