Improve Operational Communications by using Microsoft Teams

Microsoft proudly announced their fastest growing product hit 13 Million+ active users per month. It’s amazing how far the product has come in just 3 years!Infographic showing Microsoft Teams outpacing Slack in daily active users with 13+ million. Slack DAU based on public disclosures, matched with month of disclosure. For dates between disclosures, straightline linear growth was assumed.

It’s safe to say Teams has become the cornerstone of the intelligent workplace powering experiences from content collaboration to chat to modern meetings.  Of late I’ve been working on some not-so-typical use cases, ones that emerged with new features that became available in June 2019.

It reinforces the importance of keeping abreast of product updates as the simplest enhancement can unlock new use cases and drive efficiencies in areas you wouldn’t normally expect.… [Keep reading] “Improve Operational Communications by using Microsoft Teams”

Ideal Workloads for Cloud

Working in the fast changing world of IT, sometimes is good to stop, take a breather and reflect on where we are and how we got here. Cloud computing is certainly no exception and has had an enormous amount of hype over the past 5 years, but has it lived up to the promise?

Looking Back

I and many others at PDC 2008 listened to the announcement of Azure and the follow up communications as Microsoft went “all in” on the cloud.… [Keep reading] “Ideal Workloads for Cloud”