Xamarin Test Cloud – the new kid on the block?

Early last year I was working for one of our customers to find out an optimum test solution for their upcoming mobile application. The idea was that it should be heavily automated, efficient and cost-effective. The first observations (and the feeling) that I had was that we have very little choice in the way of tool choices. That was unfortunate, but the reality.

Almost a year later, when looking back and reflecting on some of those findings, I can see things have changed immensely.… [Keep reading] “Xamarin Test Cloud – the new kid on the block?”

Testing your mobile app – plan ahead before it’s too late

More than ever before, organisations are now preparing themselves to engage with their customers not only to attract business but also to get to know them better. This proliferation of information makes it possible to personalise user experience for a targeted audience. Building your own Mobile App is a great medium to achieve that. But be cautious – a poorly rated app can ruin everything!

The inspiration for this blog is a piece of work that we did for one of our customer few months back.… [Keep reading] “Testing your mobile app – plan ahead before it’s too late”

Decoding Behaviour Driven Development

I have been thinking for a while to write a piece on BDD (aka Behaviour Driven Development), not that it was absolutely essential (I consider myself as lazy) but more so because there is very little write up available on relevance of BDD and its use in a .NET environment. BDD is also known to many in the community as ATDD (Acceptance Test Driven Development), certainly for some similarities that can not go unnoticed.

So really, why bother about BDD?

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Effective Testing: Demystifying improvement and efficiency

If you have recently finished a system implementation or a large scale transformation work, you must be familiar with the phrase ‘test process efficiency’ and wondered what this refers to. But unlike the older days, just the delivery of a test function does not suffice the need for quality management. Increasingly organisations are looking for improved and optimised processes rather than being bound by the red lines of a traditional testing regime.

There are few key pillars that drive the test efficiency in any organisation, often these are called the ‘levers of testing function’ in a software implementation lifecycle.… [Keep reading] “Effective Testing: Demystifying improvement and efficiency”

Demonstrating Cross Platform testing with Browserstack – A beginner’s guide

This is a follow-on from my previous post on Cross-platform testing. Hope you enjoyed the realms of wandering around the way you could potentially plan your platform testing. I thought I would take some time to explain some of the concepts on cross-platform testing with examples from Browserstack.

Browserstack (www.browserstack.com) is a standard tool these days for testing your web application across multiple platforms.

The current Browserstack product family offers the following three broad service lines (The website offer a good amount of details on different products and offerings)

a.… [Keep reading] “Demonstrating Cross Platform testing with Browserstack – A beginner’s guide”

Cross-Platform Testing: Myths and Mysteries

Cross-Platform testing (aka Platform testing) is often a confusing term and it means different things to different people. This post aims to bring together some common concepts in this area. Feel free to add your thoughts.

What is cross-platform testing really ?

Cross platform testing is one form of specialized testing where you would verify the suitability of your solution to work across various different platforms.  Platform can include pretty much anything including OS, browser or a device that will be necessary to run your solution.… [Keep reading] “Cross-Platform Testing: Myths and Mysteries”