If you would like to know more about what the AWS DeepRacer is, please refer to my previous post:  AWS DeepRacer – Overview

This post assumes you have followed the AWS DeepRacer Getting Started Guide which gets you to the point of being able to manually drive the car.

So to go deep into your understanding of the AWS DeepRacer and to troubleshoot deep technical issues, it may become necessary to log into the Ubuntu Server on-board the AWS DeepRacer. This post will describe the steps required to achieve this.

What you will need:

  1. AWS DeepRacer
  2. HDMI cable
  3. A HDMI capable screen
  4. USB keyboard and mouse
  5. USB-C Power Adapter 
  6. Optional – Non-US power socket adapter

Plugging everything in.

  1. the HDMI cable goes from the AWS DeepRacer to your HDMI port on your screen.
  2. You plug in your keyboard and mouse into any of the free USB ports on the DeepRacer
  3. You plug in the USB-C power adaptor to the USB-C port on the right-hand side of the DeepRacer

Starting the server

Once all plugged in, we push the power button. You should now see Ubuntu loading up and stopping and a login screen.

For my DeepRacer the login details were:

username: deepracer

password : deepracer

Once you have typed in the password, you can now use the Ubuntu server for other tasks, for example:

  • examine the “/opt/aws/deepracer folder
  • as part of this blog series try loading your own model, which can be found here.
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