Go Live Decision Responsibility Model

A go-live decision model helps to assign accountability to key project stakeholders in order to make decision to proceed with go-live on an agreed date or not. Below is an example responsibility model that will guide to create a required decision responsibility model.

High Level Run Sheet

run sheet is a list of procedures or events organised in progressive sequence to execute the required agreed outcome. Below sheet is an example that can be used as part of application migration to cloud.
run sheet.jpg

Change Management Life Cycle

The objective of change management in this context is to ensure that standardised methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes to control IT infrastructure, in order to minimise the number and impact of any related incidents upon service (ITSM Best Practice).
In this context, below is a simple change management practice model that can be used to control all changes to IT infrastructure in an IaaS application migration.
change mgt.jpg


Hope you found these examples useful for your application migration to assist and complete transition.

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