I have been part of the Windows 10 Insider program for some time now, and as usual the time had come around again to install the latest fast ring update 14946.
However, when I went to download the update via the usual windows update channel, I found I could not download the update at all. (Or the bar showed zero progress).
I started to go looking for an explanation and came across the following post on the Microsoft Forum site.
I am running Bitdefender 2016 on my machine so guessed this might be the problem. Now! I didn’t want to leave my machine unprotected, so I thought I would see if I could get the problem fixed.

  1. Run a repair of Bitdefender 2016
    • Open control panel and launch Programs & Features
    • Locate Bitdefender 2016 and select Uninstall (This won’t uninstall the product)
    • Choose the repair option in the popup menu
    • Restart the computer when prompted
    • Update Bitdefender once the machine has restarted
  2. Open the Bitdefender control panel from the desktop or taskbar
    • Open the Firewall module using the modules button on the front panel
    • Click the gear icon next to the firewall module
    • Select the adaptors tab
  3. Update the wifi or ethernet connection that is active to the following
    • Network Type – Trusted or home/office
    • Stealth Mode – Off
    • Generic On
  4. Close the Bitdefender control panel

Note: I needed to toggle the firewall module off/on before I could edit the network adapter configuration. I was running a ping to my local gateway while making changes to the Bitdefender adapter configuration in order to see when the network connection became active.
Hope this helps some of you out as well.

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